Verification and Fact Checking Policy

Loan Digest -

1. General Principles:

At Loan Digest, we attach great importance to the accuracy of the information presented. We are committed to providing our readers with reliable, accurate and unbiased news. In this context, we evaluate all information through our verification and fact-checking processes.

2. Verification Process:

Each news item is verified from multiple sources before publication.

Quotes, statistics and data are always checked back to the original source.

Images, videos and other multimedia content are evaluated for authenticity and contextual accuracy.

3. Fact-Checking:

Especially in news items containing allegations or accusations, a balanced perspective is presented by taking the views of the relevant parties.

Important allegations that may affect a large segment of the public are verified with independent sources or experts.

News containing misleading or distorted information is quickly corrected and readers are informed.

4. Anonymous Sources:

Information from unnamed sources is treated with extra caution and subject to verification.

5. Corrections and Clarifications:

If we realise that we have published a story with incorrect information, we quickly correct the error. The correction is clearly stated on the platform where the original news was published.

6. Education and Awareness Raising:

Our team is regularly trained in verification and fact-checking techniques. This helps us to continuously improve the quality and reliability of our news.

7. Feedback:

Our readers are encouraged to provide any kind of feedback on verification and fact-checking. Readers' feedback helps us to further improve our processes.